“One of the world’s finest storytellers…”

Bryan Hungerford Musician“What a wonderful man. One of the world’s finest storytellers.”

Margaret Throsby ABC Sydney

“A writer who knows his stuff…Sensitive observations of human behaviour. Brian Hungerford’s beautifully written ‘It’s Him’…”

Nancy Phelan Sydney Morning Herald

“I wonder if Brian Hungerford does himself something of a disservice by billing himself as a storyteller…..he is a very talented comedian. Like many great funny men before him, he uses tales of ordinary situations. The images he portrays are totally plausible, proving once again that the ‘truth’ is not only ‘stranger than fiction’, it’s often funnier.”

Mike Jackson (Canberra Times)

“I would commend everyone to read these beautifully crafted stories.”

Lorne Doyle (President, Fellowship of Australian Writers)

“Brian Hungerford can make you laugh and cry in the same sentence.” Peter Kearney
“The man has a wonderful talent. The stories he tells can draw in different people and tie them together in the same dream.”

Deirdre Mahoney (Canberra Times)

“His stories are like a country road – they lead you twisting and turning from laughs to sadness. They are evocative and above all – human.”

Wendy Wicks (ABC Canberra)

“Hungerford succeeds in creating an atmosphere of intimate confidentiality with his audience…an engrossing recreating of an Australian child’s wartime experience.

Anne Nugent (Canberra Times)

“His love of telling stories started when he was in short pants. Brian has earned a national repuations for telling his stories to all sorts of audience in churches, service clubs, folk festivals and pubs.”

Neil Inall (Sydney Morning Herald)

“One of this world’s most experienced storytellers. His list of credentials is as impressive as his performance of this ancient craft.”

National Folk Festival Maleny

“Brian carefully weaves his stories to meet the needs of his audience. By the use of his bagpipes he added a visual interest as well as setting the mood for his stories. Story length varied to  provide variety. His rich background and experience allowed him to successfully entrance his audience to provide enjoyment and enlightenment.”

Advisory Group Report (NSW Department of Education)

“This was one of the most valuable and worthwhile performances I have seen for quite a number of years. Excellent!”

Head Teacher Howard Springs Northern Territory.

“I have not seen such storytelling before. I welcomed the opportunity to appreciate him and ontroduce him to the kids. He is skilled, interesting and most professional. I loved it.”

Head Teacher Tennant Creek High School, Northern Territory