Me And Me Grandma
Me&MeGrandma-200Me And Me Grandma is a collection of stories that are unique. One of the world’s greatest storytellers, Brian Hungerford has the uncanny ability to get inside the mind of a small boy.

Storytelling is one of the finest arts and Brian Hungerford, a fine artist indeed.

Different Waters (eBook)
DraftCoverDifferentWaters-200Different Waters unravels the misinformation put about by the three major protagonists of Spain, England and Ireland, concerning the disaster that was the Spanish Armada of 1598.

Later dubbed “The Invincible Armada” by snide English politicians, the Armada is seen through the eyes of three boys, one girl – and a dolphin!

The boys live through each of the naval battles, storms, starvation, bureaucratic stuff-ups, kidnap, shipwrecks, a pagan love story and wedding, music lessons, laughter, sword fights, Irish sorcery, mysticism and dolphin-navigated time travel. No time to be bored here!

It will not only entertain, but it will put the reader right about what happened and how Australia, Ireland, India, Scotland and Wales, along with the United States and much of Africa came under the thrall of the imperial English language.

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